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Sale Day auction is not just an auction it's a place to meet friends and make new ones. I've sold items there and was shocked at the money I got when it was over. I buy items weekly out there and I sell items on ebay to make extra cash. So come on out, make friends, make money and have great fun doing it. The staff is all happy and joking but they get the job done, Doubt you to come out and not laugh. You don't have to spend alot to be in a family friendly area. Saturday 5:30-It all sells starting in April 4:30 Ken's Dad

Ronald Feltenstein


Sale Day Auction has sold quite a few things for us and we have bought everything from furniture to home decor, antiques to tools and more. A great auction, personable and friendly people. There are bargains and treasures among the tables and in the boxes. This is one of the few auctions where you'll find something for everyone.

Gerald Buck

LOVE this place. Lots of great deals, and always great people!! They have awesome food and they are fun, definitely NOT your ordinary auction place. LOVE IT!!!

Samantha Keith


Great ppl and always a fun time! Come check them out Saturday nights! Oh and the food is always good with lots I'd choices!

Tabbatha Moses


Great folks! Great fun. Makes saturday nights in Knob interesting!:-)

Spencer Gerhart


They are great people and treat everyone like family.

Melissa McConnell


Love it! Awesome people. Come check it out. Always lots of different items something for everyone. The food is the best. Brownies are my favorite.

Theresa McCreary Scribner